Sukaso Ceracolors was founded with British Collaboration in the year 1993 with the aim of manufacturing ceramic colors. In 2007, Sukaso started manufacturing Zirconium Silicate Opacifier and Zircon Flours, using the dry process method, being the first Asian Company outside China and Japan, to do so. Alumina & Silica grinding media, Frits, Enamels, Glazes and Serigraphy products, STPP, Boric acid and other such ceramic raw materials that were added to our product portfolio in 2008.

Since its inception, Sukaso has been taking every effort to offer world-class raw materials for all kinds of ceramic products, be it sanitary wares, tiles, tableware or decorative products.


Sukaso's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Hyderabad, India, utilizes British technology, which gives the company an edge over other domestic players. It incorporates the latest innovations in the manufacturing process to match international quality. It has installed LPG fired shuttle and tunnel kilns to ensure clean fuel and repeatability of firing cycles to enhance quality of its products.

The real edge comes from the company's batch-to-batch quality consistency, as is evident by our motto 'Consistent. Consistently.' We, at Sukaso are very rigid about achieving this. Our advanced testing Labs are equipped with the latest equipments to ensure conformity to specifications by the UN standards.

Research and Development

At Sukaso, Research and Development is a continuous process. The R&D team works continuously to bring out exciting color innovations, while maintaining the quality that Sukaso's colors are known for. 

The full fledged R&D division deploys extensive research and testing procedures to ensure a very high degree of color consistency.


Like every company with a conscience, Sukaso makes special efforts to protect the Environment. Elaborate measures for pollution control are deployed to ensure its manufacturing process has minimal impact on the environment.

As a policy, Sukaso, despite adverse financial implications, does not process, known and declared hazardous products which may adversely affect the environment and safety of the people.

Group Companies

  • M/s. Sukaso Engineering Enterprises Pvt. Ltd -  Manufactures EPS
  • M/s. Solcol Solutions
    Manufactures soluble chemicals for ceramic industry

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