About Us

The story began over three decades ago in Hyderabad, India, when Sukaso Ceracolors was founded with British collaboration. The company was established with the aim of manufacturing ceramic colours and pigments.

In 2007, we expanded our product portfolio by venturing into the production of Zircon Opacifiers and Flour, utilising the latest manufacturing technology. This move has propelled us to the apex of the industry. We continue to introduce new product lines and complementary solutions. Having already reached the pinnacle of the Indian Zircon industry, today, we are proud to be one of the top 5 Zircon suppliers in the world, with a strong global presence.

At Sukaso, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials for the ceramic industry, including sanitaryware, tiles, and tableware. We also serve the foundry, refractory, and investment casting industries, ensuring our customers have access to the best raw materials for their end products.

Our approach is to establish long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect, and we strive to always act in the best interests of those we work with. We believe that growth and success go hand-in-hand with responsibility and integrity, hence we continuously endeavour to conduct our business with a strong commitment to ethics and transparency.