Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sukaso, we are conscious of the environmental ramifications of our manufacturing processes, and we are unwavering in our commitment to preserving the environment through our focus on ethical and sustainable operational practices. We also believe in giving back to society by positively impacting people’s lives through our small initiatives.

Environment Comes First

As a responsible corporate entity, we are unwavering in our commitment to prioritising environmental sustainability in alignment with our duty as conscientious citizens. Some of the company’s green infrastructural advantages are as follows:

We have implemented various green infrastructural initiatives, including the utilisation of LPG-fired shuttle and tunnel kilns to ensure the use of clean fuel and repeatability of firing cycles, thereby enhancing the quality of our products

We have also implemented a water recycling system at our manufacturing plants, which is utilised to maintain a green belt on our premises, further augmenting our efforts towards environmental preservation.

CSR Initiatives

Sukaso believes that success is not only measured by the financial performance but also by the positive impact one creates on society. Some of the company’s CSR initiatives are as follows:

– As an expression of our respect for the country’s forces and to foster a culture of wellness among the families and children of our CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) jawans, Sukaso is honoured to sponsor the renovation of 5 playgrounds at the CRPF Group Center in Hyderabad during the year 2021. CRPF is a federal police organisation which falls under the supervision of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

– For the physical well-being of our CRPF jawans, Sukaso sponsored a new skating rink and the renovation of the tennis court in the CRPF Group Center in Hyderabad in January 2022.

– The company also sponsored the ‘PauSHEtik Cooking Competition’ in Telangana in October 2022, organised by COWE (Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs), to reinforce the importance of nutrient-packed healthy cooking. COWE is an NGO that focuses on improving the social and economic status of women through entrepreneurship.

- To aid underprivileged cataract patients, in January 2023, Sukaso sponsored 100 cataract surgeries at Swarup Eye Center, Hyderabad.