Global Foothold

Sukaso is a distinguished and reliable company that specialises in the export of exceptional quality Zircon Opacifiers and Flour for an array of industrial applications. Our reputation for unparalleled quality and impeccable service has earned us the distinction of being the first choice for our clientele.

Sukaso has successfully expanded its customer base beyond its traditional South Asian market to establish a prominent presence in the international arena. Through a dedicated approach of identifying and exploring new market opportunities and tailoring our product offerings to align with the unique needs of these markets, we have solidfied our position as the leading provider of Zircon Opacifiers and Flour in the global market with exports to over 20 countries.

Our success is due to a combination of factors, which include our highly skilled workforce, industry-leading alliances, and diverse product range. As a testament to our growth in the international market, exports now constitute over 50% of our total sales.