Sukaso guarantees the outstanding quality of its products through the use of premium-grade Australian sands as raw materials and the latest processing techniques for pulverisation that result in a consistent supply of controlled particle size of its end products. Our dedication lies in supplying the highest quality of products and achieving an exceptional standard of customer satisfaction.


We endeavour to provide superior product solutions, customised to meet the specific particle size requirements of our clients, thus augmenting the efficacy of the end products.

  • A.PRISTINE - D50 0.85 MICRON
  • B. ZIRCOMAT Series
  • ZIRCOMAT - Absolute 5 Micron
    ZIRCOMAT - Zirconium Silicate 1 Micron
    ZIRCOMAT - Zirconium Silicate 3 Micron
    ZIRCOMAT - Zirconium Silicate 5 Micron
    ZIRCOMAT - Zircon Flour 200 Mesh
    ZIRCOMAT - Zircon Flour 325 Mesh
  • C.NANO Series
  • NANO


Our comprehensive range of vibrant and eye-catching ceramic glaze colours caters to the varied demands of our esteemed clientele in the ceramic industry, like tiles, sanitaryware, and decorative tableware. The stability of this carefully chosen colour palette at high temperatures is one of its strongest qualities. It is created in a highly controlled environment with rigorous adherence to factors including colourimetry, granulometry, firing stability, and powder uniformity.